Who is … Honey Hollman?

The only reason she is known to the Danish public is because she is the illegitimate daughter of one of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities of all time.

Who is it?
Well, he’s a 76-year-old infamous ladies’ man who was born in Neptune City, New Jersey. He is most famous for portraying insane and manic characters.

Doesn’t ring a bell.
You may remember him from the B horror movie ‘The Little Shop of Horrors’ from 1960 in which he plays a masochistic patient who doesn’t want painkillers because “it dulls the senses!”.

I need more.
We have known him under many different names like George Hanson, Randle McMurphy, Jack Torrance, Melvin Udall, Jack Napier and Frank Costello.
Maybe I just don’t know him?
Then maybe you remember him better as the hard-drinking lawyer in ‘Easy Rider’, the mental patient in ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’, the alcoholic killer in the ‘The Shining’, the hateful novelist in ‘As good as it gets’, or the vicious gangster in ‘The Departed’, just to mention a few of the highlights of his career.

“Heeeere’s Johnny!”
You got it! Indeed, Jack Nicholson is the father of little Honey.

What’s the story?
Honey’s mother is a Danish former model and Miss Scandinavia contestant, Winnie Hollman, who had an affair with Nicholson in 1981 while he was also seeing Anjelica Huston.

How are things between Jack and Honey now?
Honey once told the National Enquirer that her dad had never been a stranger to her and that she often visits him in LA. “We have similar facial features and my mom says I have the same temper as him,” she said. “I scream and shout a lot.”

Can she act?
Despite appearing in a film and some music videos, she insists she will never pursue her own acting career. “I think it would be too hard being judged on my background all the time,” she said.