False Ralph Lauren shirts cost retailer 200,000 kroner

Dansk Supermarked forced to compensate fashion company for selling knock-offs

If that Polo Ralph Lauren shirt you picked up at Føtex seemed like a bargain, it was with good reason.

Dansk Supermarked – which owns the supermarkets Føtex, Netto, Bilka and Salling – is being forced to pay Ralph Lauren 200,000 kroner for selling knock-off Polo shirts. The Maritime and Commercial High Court ruled on Friday that Dansk Supermarked would have to compensate the fashion company for 2,500 fake Polo shirts sold in its stores. 

According to the court’s ruling, the shirts were clearly of a poorer quality and Dansk Supermarked should have known they were fakes. The retail conglomerate purchased the shirts from a third-party website.

“The court finds that Dansk Supermarked, as a professional purchasing agent, should have carried out a quality control to ensure that the products caring the Ralph Lauren logo that [the supermarkets] put on sale in their stores were original products,” the court’s ruled read, according to Ritzau.

In addition to forcing Dansk Supermarked to compensate Ralph Lauren, the High Court also instituted a temporary ban against the import and sale of goods of products bearing Ralph Lauren branding.