Wind energy produced half of Danish electricity in December

A world record 54.8 percent of electricity was produced by windmills in December

Wind energy produced more than half of Denmark’s electricity needs during December, which is a world record according to Energi Net.

On average, windmills provided 54.8 percent of Danish electricity during December, and 68.5 percent of electricity during the week of the Christmas holiday.

The highest proportion of electricity coming from windmills during a single day was on Saturday, December 21, when windmills produced electricity equivalent to 102 percent of Denmark’s needs.

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Wind powered
Windmills produced only 69.1 percent of Danish electricity on October 28 when the hurricane-force storm struck, as windmills are shut down for safety reasons once wind speeds exceed 25 meters a second.

Denmark's wind energy capacity of 4,792 MW produced 11.1 billion kilowatt hours of wind energy in 2013, equivalent to 33.2 percent of the electricity Denmark consumed for the year.

But while Denmark holds the record for the proportion of its energy derived from windmills, its wind energy capacity is dwarfed by China, which installed 75,564 MW of wind energy in 2012.