Danish woman gang raped in India

Six men brutally attack a lost tourist in New Delhi

UPDATE, 9:25: There are conflicting reports in the Indian media about the number of men involved in the gang rape of a 51-year-old Danish tourist. NDTV reports that eight men were involved and that all eight men have been identified by police. The Times of India reports that six suspects have been detained. Both sources say that the men are "vagabonds".

ORIGINAL, 8:02: A 51-year-old Danish woman was gang raped by a group of men in New Delhi, India late last night. The attack was confirmed to DR Nyheder by a spokesperson at the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

"The embassy in New Delhi has provided the best possible consular assistance to the woman," said a duty officer at the ministry.

The rape allegedly took place late Tuesday night after the woman was threatened with a knife by a group of more than six men, according to the ministry. The woman had become lost after a museum visit prior to the incident, according to an Indian police spokesperson.

The Times of India reported that the woman left for Copenhagen this morning.

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Guidelines published by the ministry for those travelling to India warn that women should exercise "considerable caution" in light of the growing number of sexual assaults against women, including  tourists.

Last month, many Indians marked the anniversary of the gruesome gang rape of a 23-year-old woman on a bus in New Delhi. The young woman died on 29 December 2012, two weeks after she was attacked by six men. The rape incited protests and anger in India and exposed the country's history of violence and harassment toward women on the world stage.