90-year-old survives eight hours in the snow

Tough Jutlander recovering after harrowing ordeal

True drama unfolded outside the small town of Hjallerup on Saturday night when a 90-year-old man got lost in the snowstorm that slammed northern Jutland last weekend.

When police were called out to the home by the man's wife, the officers got stuck in the snow and had to continue for several kilometres on foot. 

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Luckily, the officers found the helpless man lying outside his car and tractor some 300 metres away from his farm. He was suffering from severe frostbite and couldn't stand up without their help.

The officers carried him home, but just when they thought their troubles were over, they received a call letting them know that an ambulance couldn't get through the snowdrifts. It was first when the hospital sent a four-wheel drive vehicle that the freezing man's nightmare was finally over.

The police estimated that the man had been stuck in the snow for eight hours.

"The doctor said that if the police hadn't found him, he would have died," Per Jørgesen of Nordjyllands Politi told Nordjyske.dk, adding that the 90-year old tough Jutlander is now back on his feet again.