Farmers report using fewer antibiotics

The drop in antibiotic use will hopefully slow the development of dangerous antibiotic resistant bacteria

Farmers have successfully cut the amount of antibiotics they are using reports the Danish food and veterinary agency, Fødevarestyrelsen.

According to the latest data from October 2013, farmers are using eleven percent fewer antibiotics compared to 2009, which is above the ten percent target set by the government.

Agriculture Minister Dan Jørgensen (S) said he was pleased by the development, which he said would reduce the risk of developing dangerous antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

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Threat of resistant bacteria
“A limited use of antibiotics is very important in order to ensure that doctors can prescribe the best treatment when we and our children become ill. And we know that antimicrobial resistance is a growing problem in the world around us,” Jørgensen said.

Fødevarestryrelsen attributes the drop in antibiotic use to the introduction of the so-called 'yellow card' scheme and increased surveillance of antibiotic use.

Farmers who exceed certain limits are warned to reduce their use of antibiotics. If they don’t comply, they face inspections and sanctions on how many animals they can keep.