Anonymous book creates drama within government party

An anonymous book detailing the inner workings of ruling government coalition partner Socialdemokraterne has led to turmoil within the party and calls for the unknown author to step forward.

The book, ‘Den hemmelige socialdemokrat’ (The secret Social Democrat), was released by People’s Press on Monday. The publisher has kept the author’s identity secret but has revealed that it is a current MP for the party. 

After much speculation over the course of the last few days, politicians and pundits have narrowed down the list of possibilities.

Berlingske newspaper wrote that the factual details within the book mean that the author would have been an MP for Socialdemokraterne since at least 2005. If that is the case, there are 17 potential authors. A long list of those who have been named as possibilities – including the new transport minister, Magnus Heunicke, the justice minister, Karen Hækkerup, and the trade minister Mogens Jensen – have all denied authoring the anonymous book. 

Based on the book’s writing style, Information newspaper pointed to Jensen as the most likely candidate. 

Although no-one has named names yet, some within the party are saying that they know who is behind the book.

“No-one within the S group can be in doubt about who the secret social democrat is,” Morten Bødskov (S), wrote on Twitter yesterday. “Acknowledge your bitterness. Step forward. Explain why you have let down your fellow party members.”

The book's publisher, Jakob Kvist, has defended the anonymity, telling Information that the author "sees his/her role as a whistleblower".