New foreign minister wants to adopt the euro … eventually

Lidegaard says that Denmark should adopt the euro “when it is stable”

If it was up to Foreign Minister Martin Lidegaard (R), Denmark would be on the way to phasing out the kroner and adopting the euro.

"It is my personal opinion that Denmark should join the euro when the economic underpinnings of the euro's stability and robustness are in place,” Lidegaard wrote in an answer to a question posed by parliament.

He added that it was “difficult to predict” when it would be the right time for Denmark to adopt the common currency.

The previous foreign minister, Holger K Nielsen (SF), said as recently as January that Denmark was not interested in joining the euro.

"We are well placed outside the euro, and I therefore believe that we should stay out of it,” Nielsen told Berlingske newspaper. “The euro is missing a central economic policy, and without one, a single currency cannot work.”

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Lidegaard stressed in his reply to parliament that the government has not taken an official stance on adopting the euro.

Denmark last voted to reject the euro in a referendum in September 2000.