Tax authorities net massive candy bust

It took nine trucks to cart away the confiscated sweets

The tax authority, SKAT, has confiscated one of the largest amounts of illegal candy in Danish history today at a distributor in Zealand.

The distributor had not paid taxes on the confectionery and it took nine fully-loaded trucks to confiscate the 253 pallets of illicit sweetness. SKAT found the sweets thanks to information gained from a kiosk.

“It’s one of the largest confiscations of candy and chocolate that we have done,” said Jon Mikkelsen, a SKAT spokesperson, according to Jyllands-Posten newspaper. “We’ve spent all day moving the 253 pallets of candy to our warehouse so we don’t yet know how much it all weighs. But we will in the coming days.”

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Distributor facing criminal charges
SKAT wouldn’t reveal where in Zealand the illegal candy was seized, but did indicate that the distributor is facing criminal charges due to the sheer size of the bust.

“It’s a massive amount of candy and we expect that it is a case that could fall under criminal law in terms of tax evasion,” Mikkelsen said.

Candy is taxed at 24.61 kroner per kilo, and until the case has been settled, the distributor will be billed for the transport and storing of the candy.

SKAT said that it would try and sell the candy at auction in order to raise funds for the state coffers.

Tax inspections carried out on chocolate and candy products netted 24.3 million kroner for the state in 2013 alone.