Maersk Line loses 200-300 containers in storm

No-one was harmed onboard the Svendborg Maersk when rough weather in the Bay of Biscay blew containers off the ship

On its way from Denmark to Colombo in Sri Lanka, the container ship Svendborg Maersk was hit by a storm in the Bay of Biscay near the Spanish coast on Friday and lost a significant number of containers after they fell into the sea, finance newspaper EPN reports.

Wind speeds of 60 knots (31 m/s) created 10 metre tall waves that caused the ship to dump 200-300 containers into the ocean while several others were damaged.

Svenborg Maersk can carry a total of 7,200 containers.

No-one onboard was harmed and Svendborg Maersk is currently being repaired in Malaga in southern Spain where local port authorities have issued a warning against floating containers.

Maersk Line will keep customers informed of the status of their cargo as soon as it has been accurately assessed which units have been lost and which have suffered damage, the shipping company wrote on its website.