Select shopping: All aboard the camisole carousel

What do you do when fashion dictates see-through blouses and lace? The look is attractive on most people – unlike the baggy oversized jumpers that were fashionable not so long ago and didn’t do very much for very many. But almost just as important is finding the right top to go underneath. With a see-through shirt, a top is needed not just for keeping warm but also to make sure that only a select number, of your own choosing, get to have an opinion about what your bra looks like.


Bloom is perhaps not the obvious choice for a top underneath a see-through shirt as its best tops are the cashmere ones that are more or less see-through themselves. But they really are very comfortable – and keep you warm. It is a German brand and for some not-so-apparent reason the few shops that carry Bloom in Copenhagen don’t seem to have the tops. So the tops are best acquired online for about 350 kroner an item.


Marks & Spencer

At Marks & Spencer, the selection is wide, the quality is good and so are the prices. And being Marks & Spencer they are large enough to carry the not-in-season colours as well –so you don’t have to choose ochre or turquoise unless you want to. Prices start at £5 (42kr) and often they have a three-for-two sale. And delivery to Denmark adds another 50 percent to the cost.


Magasin Kgs. Nytorv, Kongens Nytorv 13, Cph K; open Mon-Sun 10:00-20:00;;

The Rosamunde collection has some rather pretty silk tops that also work quite well during the summer as tops in their own right. The neckline is cut so that you don’t have to show anything you don’t want to. Also the shape and colour remain in spite of several washes – only the white top doesn’t seem to remain all that white even when it is washed separately. The collection includes a lot of pretty colours so it should be possible to find usable alternatives to the white top. Prices start at about 299kr for the silk tops and its online shop has the widest selection.


Style Butler

Style Butler also favours silk and quality. Some of their camisoles look very much like the Rosamunde collection, but they also have a selection that is less lacy and more like army tank tops, but still comfortable and pretty. A good example is the tank top with scallop edging. Online prices start at 199kr.