Evidence aboard ‘Maersk Alabama’ suggests drug overdose

Drugs and syringes found in cabin

Police in the Seychelles suspect that the two American security personnel who were found dead in a cabin aboard the ‘Maersk Alabama’ died of a drug overdose, according to reports from CNN.

The local police found drugs and syringes in the room where the two former Navy Seals were found lifeless on the container ship on Tuesday in Port Victoria.

The police said that an autopsy would be carried out later this week, but a government official told CNN that the presence of drugs and syringes “would suggest that their deaths were a result of a drug overdose".

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Isolated incident
Maersk has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to drugs and alcohol and stated that it is working closely with its security contractor Trident Group to ensure that security personnel are drug tested and submitted to background checks.

"Based on our experience with the contractor, this is an isolated incident," Maersk told CNN.

Maersk said that drug testing would begin immediately and the company would review its shore-leave procedure.

According to the Danish shipping giant, the ‘Maersk Alabama’ left Port Victoria sometime yesterday.