Uniform parking regulations across the country

The days when councils made their own parking rules will soon be over

While you can park a car with two wheels on the pavement in Struer Council as long as you leave 1.5 metres of space, you'll get fined for doing the same in Copenhagen.

Different parking regulations between councils can be confusing, but parliament decided on Thursday to harmonise the rules across the whole of Denmark from March 1.

The same parking rules will apply in all councils, allowing only for a few clearly sign-posted exceptions.

Revising the parking regulations will also make it easier for tourists driving around the country.

Parking is not allowed on pavements, bicycle lanes, footpaths, motorway verges or central reserves or traffic islands.

When the legislation becomes effective, it will also allow for three parking tickets of 510 kroner each for every 24 hours a car is parked in an illegal spot.