Automatic number plate readers a success

Technology has helped authorities stop stolen cars heading out of the country

A test run of number plate recognition technology by Danish police last year has proven to be successful according to Sjællandske Medier.

Police tested the system in border areas and several other places around the country. In total, more than 80,000 vehicles were scanned in the trial.

One of the sites of the trial was Padborg in Jutland where police were able to stop several stolen luxury cars from driving across the border into Germany. In some of the vehicles, they discovered stolen items such as tools and electronics.

Scanning technology
Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) is a technology that automatically reads the number plate of any vehicle. The system uses optical character recognition to scan text and convert it into printed text.

The system is a popular piece of equipment for authorities across the globe.In Sweden, the Stockholm congestion charge uses the technology to control taxation on certain vehicles leaving or entering the city. And throughout the United Kingdom, ANPR has been in use for several years. 

The equipment is set to be implemented across the country.