Food blog | Easy Lamb Provencal

Valentine’s Day may have passed, but who says you can’t conjure up a romantic setting on any day of the year? Although this recipe will most likely wow your companion, it’s an easy one to execute.

I’ve tried out a few different leg of lamb recipes over the years and this has become my favourite. After some experimentation, this is one I stick with and I basically do not deviate.

I should mention that I do not like mustard by itself and I was a bit wary of trying this recipe out because it uses a lot. But the mustard flavour blends in really well. While the lamb and tomatoes roast away, the honey caramelises. The flavour of the sauce is strong, but lamb has a strong enough flavour on its own so that everything comes together rather nicely. Afterwards, you have a great meat course with a delicious sauce.

It’s a convenient dish in that it basically requires just one roasting pan and a bit of patience. The original recipe serves eight. One could halve the recipe for a smaller group (a leg of lamb tends to be on the expensive side). I love the sauce so much that I have halved the size of the leg and kept the rest of the ingredients at the same amounts in the past.