Raccoon dog is public enemy number one

It is fluffy, small and friendly looking, but Denmark has rejected it

The Danish Nature Agency has together with Denmark’s Hunting Union agreed to increase efforts to remove the raccoon dog from the landscape.

According to the Danish Nature Agency website, the species is more of a threat to nature than a benefit.

In other words, it is a pest.

Can potentially carry rabies
The raccoon dog originates from East Asia, but has since spread to many countries including much of Scandinavia and the Baltic countries.

As well as being as a threat to Danish wildlife, the invasive animal is regarded as a threat to human health.

The animal is known to carry rabies, a certain type of tapeworm and parasites.

You do not belong here!
The raccoon dog is just one of several unwanted species that have been blacklisted by the Danish Nature Agency.

As well as numerous plants, the Canadian goose and American mink are also outlawed.