The Copenhagen Post: a makeover

Since its origin some 17 years ago, The Copenhagen Post has not changed much. A good idea and a nice layout – so most readers thought. We serviced expats at large in Denmark with news about politics, business, culture and day-to-day trivia to make them feel like they knew what was going on. But we didn´t care much for events outside Denmark as you would have better access to news of that sort via other sources. We quickly added a guide to inform you of English-language films, TV and events, plus reviews of good restaurants. And as time progressed, we arranged events, from Xmas parties to children´s fairs to make manifest an expat community service.

But now is the time to acknowledge you have changed. You are all smartphone-enabled to put it short. Therefore this issue  is smaller but smarter. Your smartphone is broadband online wherever you are. We know that and are acting accordingly. We ran a test with an email service named The Evening Post last year. It was promising, but we believe the morning would be a better time to push our news out, so look forward to that. And our editorial focus is unchanged: business, culture, politics and diplomacy – in Denmark.

After all, you are one of the more than 400,000 non-Danes in the kingdom, so watch our web development.

Will there be printed newspapers in the foreseeable future? Yes, we think so, and it will be integrated with other platforms with a uniform layout, which will ease communication and save you time: real-time web news, a convenient morning email, a smartphone app, and a weekly printed publication with occasional special supplements.  Our extensive guide will focus on the essentials with an English twist. And all this will be supported by service information on the site. We still see our core competence as being able to communicate complex matters in journalistic English. This makes us unique in the Danish theatre.

On top of that we intend to move from our present location to International House.  It is the Copenhagen City´s service centre for foreign students in Greater Copenhagen area to pick up their CPR numbers and tax details.

We hope to arrange get-togethers there for you from time to time. In the meantime, International House has a reception on March 5 (see here).

We hope you like our new approach and support us in times to come, and we will do our best to serve you and our advertisers. (ES)