Construction sector gets tools to fight social dumping

Collective bargaining agreement puts onus on lead contractor

Social dumping – even more than wages – has been the predominate issue in collective bargaining talks between the construction sector and the trade union 3F.

“Our members have been very clear: social dumping has been the absolute priority,” Palle Bisgaard, the vice chair of 3F’s construction section, told Jyllands-Posten newspaper. “They are well aware that if nothing is done about social dumping, their jobs are at risk.”

Contractors have been put on notice that they will be held responsible if they use subcontractors that employ workers – usually foreign – at lower than required rates.

“This means that they will not be able to hire a foreign firm that underpays workers and then just leaves the country,” said Bisgaard.

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Although pleased with the initiatives, Bisgaard said that he would also like to see more done on a political level.

“Many councils have already introduced rules holding the contractor at the top of the chain responsible when large projects are on the table. We’d like to see more of that being negotiated.”