Too early for sanctions against Russia, says foreign minister

Lidegaard wants observers in Ukraine and the EU to pull out of the G8, but stops short of calling for sanctions

It is too early for the EU to introduce economic sanctions against Russia for its aggressive actions on the Crimean peninsula in Ukraine, according to Martin Lidegaard (R), the foreign minister. Lidegaard made his comments on his way into an emergency meeting of EU foreign ministers in Brussels.

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Lidegaard instead called for EU countries to boycott the G8 summit planned for the Russian city of Sochi in June.

“We are discussing all possible actions, but I agree with the ministers who say that we should wait to implement real economic sanctions. It is too early to do so,” Lidegaard told media.

The foreign minister also hopes that the EU will agree to immediately send international observers to Ukraine.

“We need to keep track of what’s going on and try to defuse the situation,” he said.

Lidegaard said that independent observers would have a preventative effect on further fighting.