Billion set aside for the elderly is distributed

Rehabilitation and independence a high priority

Cash earmarked for the nation’s elderly was distributed today by the Social Affairs Ministry.

About a third of the money is slated to go to rehabilitation aimed at giving the elderly a better quality of life.

“There is no doubt that rehabilitation and training will help the elderly take better control of their own lives,” Manu Sareen (R), the social affairs minister, told DR Nyheder.

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About 260 million kroner is set aside for rehabilitation, while 370 million kroner will go to practical assistance and personal care, 340 million to vulnerable older people and 30 million to other initiatives.

Council cash
“If older people get to where they can walk again or take care of themselves, it helps their quality of life,” said Sareen.

The country’s 98 councils will now get their share of the funds. Most of the funds will go to cover higher labour costs.

“The councils will distribute the money the way they think is best,” said Sareen. “They are the experts in their area; they know what their challenges are.”