Rats and bedbugs infesting Amager student residence

Managers promise improved pest control after getting complaints from students

Rats, bedbugs and cockroaches have invaded the Øresundskollegiet student housing complex in Amager, Metroxpress newspaper reports.

More than 25 incidents involving rodents and critters were described in the last part of 2013 by residents who have now called for improved pest control in the housing block in the Copenhagen city district.

"Entire floors are infested, but they only spray one room at a time," a resident, Charlotte Jensen, told Metroxpress.

Pest control services recommend spraying the entire building to eradicate pests, even if it only seems to occur in one room. The blood-sucking bedbugs can very easily move through the walls in such an old building like Øresundskollegiet.

Managers aware of pest
The head of the management board, Nicolai Gad, has promised to take care of the problem.

"We listen to the residents and know it's a huge concern," he said. "At our last board meeting we decided to get better at registering the incidents so we can fight the pests.”