New Michelin stars handed out as Nordic guide is revealed

Copenhagen’s oldest Michelin restaurant, Kong Hans, lost its star

Three new Danish restaurants were among the winners as the Michelin restaurant guide handed out its prestigious stars this morning at a press conference in Stockholm.

Clou, Marchal and The Standard (reviewed here by The Copenhagen Post), all in Copenhagen, were the three Danish restaurants that gained their first Michelin stars, while Copenhagen’s oldest Michelin star restaurant, Kong Hans, lost its star, probably because head chef Thomas Rode has announced that he is stepping down this summer.

Rumours persisted that either Noma or Geranium – the two Danish restaurants with two stars – would be given a third star, but that failed to materialise.

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New Nordic Guide
But Michael Ellis, the Michelin Guide’s international head, did reveal that the culinary evaluator would launch a new Nordic Guide in 2015 that would include more restaurants from outside the Scandinavian capitals.

“It is difficult for us to choose areas to pick from. There are a lot of smaller towns in the north where exciting things are taking place, but I won’t reveal anything because it’s important that the inspectors work anonymously,” Ellis said at the conference.

Accumulating a total of 17 Michelin stars at 15 restaurants, Copenhagen remains the Nordic capital with the most stars.

Noma and Geranium have two stars, while Grønbech & Churchill, Den Røde Cottage, Søllerød Kro, Era Ora, Kiin Kiin, Kokkeriet, Formel B, AOC, Kadeau, Clou, Marchal and The Standard all have one each.