Weather: Cold front moving in

A low pressure system is moving in with cold and rain

The weather this week has provided plenty of sunshine and record March temperatures, but things will take a chilly turn this weekend, according to national meteorologists DMI.

The solid high-pressure system that brought the splendid weather this week will slowly weaken over the coming days to allow a low pressure system to move in with cold and rain.

Friday will be a day of transition as clouds move in over the course of the day bringing rain to parts of the country, and then the weather will take a turn for the worse in earnest on Saturday.

“A low pressure development coming from the ocean south of Iceland is moving down over the Faroe Islands and southern Norway gaining potency on its way towards Denmark,” DMI meteorologist Frank Nielsen said in a press release.

“That means that Saturday will be a day where we will really have our hair blown when we go outside. It will be windy and the air will be cold.”

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More next week
Nielsen said that gale-force winds could be likely on the west coast, and that northern Zealand could risk strong winds as well.

The good news is that the weekend won’t just be grey and dour, and the rain could give way to patches of sunshine.

“We can expect strong winds and rain coming in from the northwest on Sunday. The windy weather will continue into the next and we can prepare ourselves for a period of colder and changeable weather,” Nielsen said.

The temperature over the next few days should remain somewhere between five and ten degrees Celsius.

The poor weather will then continue on Sunday and into next week.