Vestas proving popular in the United States

Large orders for renewable energy are helping the Danish company to succeed stateside

The Danish turbine company Vestas has announced that its will be hiring 400 more temporary workers at its plant in Colorado after securing new orders for a total of 1.4 gigawatts (GW) of power in the United States.

Furthermore, the company – which in 2013 was named a world leader in the installation of new wind turbines by Make Consulting, a Danish renewable energy consulting firm – has got framework agreements for an additional 2.5 GW, thus solidifying the US as one of its largest markets.

Big turnaround
This is a big turnaround for a company that two years ago was still suffering from dire quarterly figures and on the verge of a major round of lay-offs.

“Vestas has been through a tough two-year turnaround process to return to profitability,” CEO Anders Runevad told the Denver Business Journal. “That we simultaneously achieved our financial goals in 2013 and solidified our market leadership is a testament to the strength of the company.”

More hires expected
Vestas expects to hire 450 more temporary employees throughout the year, which would give it a total number of 2,000 employees. The employees are hired on a temporary basis, but 60 have already been hired permanently and Vestas expects more to follow suit in the future.