Colorado to Copenhagen: OneRepublic take on Falconer Salen

OneRepublic have released a steady stream of catchy singles since their 2007 breakthrough. Originally scheduled for Vega, the band switched venues to Falconer Salen, perhaps to accommodate demand following their biggest release in recent years: the folk-pop track 'Counting Stars'.

James Walsh, the frontman of post-Britpop band Starsailor, provided support. His distinctive vocals and punchy guitar were well received by the unfailingly polite Copenhagen crowd. 'Silence Is Easy', Starsailor’s biggest single, was introduced by Walsh as a track "for the six people in the audience who have heard of Starsailor". While I feel that even six was a reach, Walsh’s quintessentially British self-deprecation immediately endeared him to the audience. Seemingly at ease, he even whipped out a cover of Britney Spears’ 'Hit Me Baby One More Time'.

Hidden behind a screen, OneRepublic opened with 'Don't Look Down,' a lesser-known track from their most recent album, Native. As the screen dropped, the band appeared in a haze of multicoloured lights and visual effects, revealing an effective stage design. Eddie Fisher (bass) and Brent Kutzle (drums) were set up on raised podiums, bringing them into the foreground, while founding members Ryan Tedder and Zach Filkins (lead guitar) made up the frontline along with Brown (rhythm guitar).

Thankfully, the rather ordinary track 'Don't Look Down' did not set the evening’s tone. 'Light It Up' and 'Secrets' did their bit to liven things up, followed by the ever-popular 'All The Right Moves'. By now the band were in full flow, with fans seemingly wrapped around Tedder's finger and flawless falsetto. Frequent forays up to the crowd coupled with his on-stage energy served to whip the audience into ecstasy.

For their signature track 'Apologize', Tedder took to the piano, delivering a worthy rendition of the single that propelled the band to stardom. As the piano changed colour over the lyrics ‘I loved you with a fire red, now it’s turnin’ blue’, it was clear the effort that had been put into both the stage as well as the performance. Another plus on the night was the reinterpretation of several songs, most notably 'Good Life,' which benefited from the distinctive kick opening riff of M83’s 'Midnight City'.

OneRepublic closed with the electro-inspired 'If I Lose Myself' (Alesso remix). Tension built, the bass dropped and cannons erupted with ticker tape, covering the standing crowd and providing a fitting end to an accomplished performance.

Tedder hinted he would be back in Copenhagen before the year-end and while I am not convinced their material warrants a second viewing, I strongly recommend catching their next show should you have missed this one.


Falconer Salen

March 12

Five stars