Traffic authority advises closure of train stations

Millions of kroner would be saved annually

A new report from the traffic authorities, Trafikstyrelsen, proposes to close down 19 train stations nationwide in order to better optimise train traffic.

The report, here in Danish, recommended shutting nine stations in Funen, seven in Jutland and three in Copenhagen.

”An extra stop for a regional train results in a two-three minute increase in travel time for passengers travelling through,” the report said.

“Two to three minutes may not seem like much, but if thousands of passengers lose several minutes because the trains must cater to a small number of passengers at local stations, society loses a considerable financial amount annually.”

Trafikstyrelsen analysed how many people use the 284 stations in Denmark and compared that number with how much time other passengers were delayed because trains stopped at each station.

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The end of the line
In Copenhagen, Trafikstyrelsen recommended the closure of the Kildedal, Dyssegård and Skovbrynet stations. Closing Dyssegård and Skovbrynet would save 32 million kroner and bring an additional 650,000 passengers onto the Hareskovbanen line annually.

In Funen, they advised closing down Fruens Bøge, Højby, Pederstrup, Rudme, Stenstrup Syd, Holmstrup, Skalbjerg, Bred and Kauslunde.

Herning Messecenter, Humlum, Oddesund Nord, Uglev, Ydby, Tolne and Kvissel were earmarked for termination in Jutland.

Aside from closing 19 stations, Trafikstyrelsen also had a few recommendations regarding the development of new stations in Priorparken (Brøndby); Vinge, Erritsø and Jerne (Jutland); and Darup and Hastrup (Zealand).