Denmark leading OSCE observing mission in Ukraine

A multi-national inspection team has gone to Ukraine to prevent the crisis from getting out of hand

In response to Russia's takeover of Crimea, a Danish-led inspection team of the European security organisation, OSCE, departed to eastern Ukraine today to inform the international community of the developing situation.

The defence minister, Nicolai Wammen (S), said he found it natural that Denmark is leading the multi-national team representing Germany, Poland, Austria and Sweden.

"The development in Ukraine is unsettling and we are following the situation closely at the EU and at NATO," Wammen said.

Russia taking over
"It's important that we continue to have unbiased international observers on the scene who can report the situation objectively and prevent it from escalating."

Russian and Pro-Russian forces are gradually taking over the Crimea peninsula in Ukraine. As most of the Russian-speaking population resides in eastern Ukraine, observers are concerned that revolt and violence will spread to that part of the country.