Thorning-Schmidt: We’re sending a powerful message to Russia

EU increases sanctions to include an additional 12 people

The EU decided yesterday to expand the number of Russian officials and politicians sanctioned due to the crisis in Ukraine.

Danish prime minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt (S), said at a press conference that the EU is sending a powerful message.

“We underline that there are some people who are unwanted in the EU and can’t travel into Europe,” Thorning-Schmidt said.

“If they have assets in European banks, those assets will be frozen. It’s quite a tough sanction.”

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EU-Ukraine agreement
The circle of people encompassed by the sanctions has been increased by 12 people to a total of 33 – the names of whom will be released sometime today.

EU leaders have asked the European Commission to prepare for more expansive financial sanctions should the crisis continue to escalate.

Aside from sending a team of OSCE observers to Ukraine, European leaders have also called for increased aid being given to the embattled country, and Thorning-Schmidt expects the political aspect of an association agreement between the Ukraine and the EU to be signed sometime today.