Crimean crisis causing concern at Danish companies

The political crisis between the EU and Russia could wreak havoc on businesses trading with Russia.

Russia is Denmark’s 13th largest export market, and more than 200 Danish companies sell goods to the Russian market.

And the leaders of those companies are now deeply concerned about the effect the Crimean Crisis could have on their business.

Uncertainty at the border
Jesper Heiselberg heads up a vacuum cleaner company in Silkeborg. He believes that the uncertainty is going to be hard on the bottom line.

“The crisis could make it hard to get goods through Russian customs,” Heiselberg told TV2 News.

A spokesperson for Industry support group Dansk Industri (DI) said that the fears could be well-placed.

“What we are most worried about is Russian authorities beginning to put barriers in the way of Danish exports to Russia,” Peter Thagesen, a trade policy director at DI told TV2 News. “They have been known to do so in the past when they get angry.”

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Diplomatic solution needed
Over 100 companies met with the government last week to discuss the problem.

“There needs to be a diplomatic solution,” said Heiselberg.