Denmark stepping up investment efforts in Pakistan

Security issues remain the primary concern for Danish companies

Denmark is starting to explore investment options in Pakistan in earnest, according to the Danish ambassador to Pakistan, Jesper Møller Sørensen. Earlier this month, Novo Nordisk visited Pakistan and next week energy company BW Volund will visit Karachi, followed by an agricultural delegation the week after that.

Sørensen sees great potential and scope in business between the two nations, particularly within the energy efficiency and agricultural sectors.

“Like Pakistan, Denmark has a long agriculture tradition. We have thousands of companies involved in the agriculture, farming, and dairy industry,” Sørensen told the Associated Press of Pakistan (APP). “But where should we focus: on seeds, dairy products, cows, milk or equipment? I see lots of opportunities, but we need to have a better understanding ourselves.”

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Security a problem
The agricultural delegation will investigate the opportunities for an enhanced co-operation between the two nations and will meet companies, government officials and institutions and visit farms in various areas in Pakistan over a six-day period.

But, while Sørensen contended that Pakistan was a business-friendly in many respects, he pinpointed a number of issues that posed considerable hurdles to Danish companies looking to invest.

“The financial regulatory framework is good," Sørensen said.

"Yet improving the security situation is the single most important thing for Pakistan. It would certainly make it easier to attract Danish companies."

According to Sørensen, Denmark exports to Pakistan to the tune of 1.2 billion kroner a year, while annual Pakistani exports to Denmark come to 677 million kroner.