Politicians split on police ID numbers

Venstre and Liberal Alliance believe that the ID numbers could aid public confidence in the police

The nation's political parties are split when it comes to the idea of police officers wearing identification numbers on their uniforms.

Members of Konservative and Dansk Folkeparti think that justice minister Karen Hækkerup's (S) proposal puts officers at risk.

Venstre and Liberal Alliance believe that the identifying numbers could help to increase public confidence in the police.

The naysayers believe that while being able to identify officers could help if a citizen has a serious complaint, that aim should not overshadow the issue of the officers' safety.

"It could have several negative consequences," K spokesperson Tom Behnke told DR Nyheder. “Violent demonstrators could zero in on an office with a specific number."

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Neighbourly advice
DF spokesperson Peter Skaarup said that the numbers could lead to criminals targeting specific officers

"They will be easy to recognise and open to harassment," he told DR Nyheder. "The precincts need to be better at identifying officers, but numbers are a bridge too far."

Venstre spokesperson Karsten Lauritzen disagreed.

"It is a good idea," he said. "Neighbouring countries have done it with no significant problems for the officers."

Lauritzen said that it is possible to create a model that does not give criminals the opportunity to abuse the numbers.