This week’s dates

March 30th, 2014

This article is more than 10 years old.

Not Mother’s Day & Caribbean anniversary

A lot is happening this week. The clocks go one hour forward on March 30 to start Summer Time and the news will try to fool you with made-up stories on April Fool’s Day on April 1.


Not Mother’s Day
Brits celebrate Mother’s Day on March 30, but don’t be alarmed if you forget to buy your mother flowers on Sunday. Denmark celebrates the modern American version of Mother’s Day, which is in early May and not related to the European Christian holiday Mothering Sunday.

Caribbean anniversary
Monday brings a dark reminder of Denmark’s slavery past – one thing this nation doesn’t flag its buses for. On the 31 March 1917 the US purchased Saint Thomas, Saint Croix and Saint John for 25 million dollars in gold, ending nearly 250 years of Danish colonial rule in the West Indies.


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