New political party reaching out to the international community

April 2nd, 2014

This article is more than 9 years old.

The Alternative’ looks to change politics in Denmark … and the world

There is a new party on the political landscape and, while it knows it cannot get the vote of international residents, it is interested in reaching out to them. 

Calling itself ‘the Alternative’, the group – which has Uffe Elbæk, the former culture minister, as its spokesperson – says it is “more than a party, it is also a political movement and a cultural voice”, with a goal to change politics across the world.

Although based in Denmark, the party views itself as a worldwide movement, welcoming members from anywhere. It maintains what it calls ‘ambassadors’ in many countries via its website.
MPs within five years

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Focusing on sustainability, the environment and culture, the group aims to expand its online presence to “a real world platform where alternative political role model examples can be shared”.

The party’s first general meeting is scheduled for June. It needs to collect over 20,000 signatures in order to stand in elections and it has a goal of eight to ten MPs in parliament within five years.

As part of its international focus, the party is inviting expats and international students to an event on Monday 7 April that starts with a tour of Christiansborg at 17:00.

Elbæk will talk about the Alternative’s role as an international party at 17:45, and the evening will wrap up with a group discussion.


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