Bloody weekend weather: red rain forecast

The Saharan sand storm that caused nationwide smog alerts in Britain may result in red rain falling in Denmark

An extremely rare weather phenomenon with the macabre name 'blood rain' may very well hit southern Denmark on Friday or Saturday, the national meteorological institute DMI reports.

Recent storms have whirled sands from the Sahara Desert up in the air, and dust is being carried all the way up to northern Europe where it may fall as red rain in parts of Denmark. 

"Saharan dust will fall down on parts of Denmark as soon as it starts to rain," DMI meteorologist Michael Skelbæk said.

"On Saturday night, the southwestern area may get the opportunity to see the innocent phenomenon with the blood dripping name," Skelbæk said. 

Smog alarm in Britain
The Saharan dust storm has caused smog alerts in the UK where vulnerable people have been advised to stay indoors due to high pollution.

In Denmark, the effects of the blood rain phenomenon will be less dramatic and people will most likely notice it when they have to scrape red dust off from their car windows on Saturday morning.