Helle Thorning-Schmidt attacked from within

PM stays as head of Socialdemokraterne despite critics from her own party calling for her to sign off

The Danish prime minister, Helle-Thorning Schmidt, will still be the head of the government party Socialdemokraterne (S) at the next general election in 2015, she confirmed today after media reported internal turmoil in her own party.

"I am the head of Socialdemokraterne and I am the prime minister," she told TV2 News. "And we will run for the next election with me as the party head and me as the prime minister."

Local politicians band together
A party storm erupted lately as four S mayors and 13 leading S members from local councils called for Thorning-Schmidt to resign before the next election.

Several of the local party representatives have pointed towards employment minister Mette Frederiksen (S) as a possible successor.

Too many internal disputes
The local party leaders are believed to be disappointed by the ongoing 'Børnecheck' debate and the recent DONG energy sale to Goldman Sachs, and they also blamed the PM for losing voters.

Further distrust arose when the Financial Times in the UK speculated that Thorning-Schmidt could be eyeing a top position in the EU.

PM: It’s just a debate
Thorning-Schmidt will get a chance to meet several of the board members of local councils at a prearranged meeting this weekend, but she denied any talk about internal turmoil in the party.

"I don't see it as turmoil. There is a debate, a political debate, about specific political things, and that is fair," she told TV2 News.