IC4 trains carry derailment risk

April 3rd, 2014

This article is more than 10 years old.

The worse case scenario was deemed “catastrophic”

An axle box issue on the IC4 trains could potentially lead to a derailment and loss of life, according to a new report from the traffic authorities, Trafikstyrelsen.

Since 2010, the national rail operator DSB has encountered three instances of material breaches in the front axle wheel bearing of the already beleaguered IC4 trains – the latest was discovered last month.

None of the problems have led to anyone being injured or any kind of derailment, but according to the safety parameters of the train producer, the worst case scenario was deemed  “catastrophic”.

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Assessment by Monday
The trains will remain in service until further notice, according to Lars Nordahl Lemvigh, DSB’s head of security.

“If we or Trafikstyrelsen evaluate that trains need to by taken off the rails, then we won’t hesitate to do so, but that is not the case now,” Lemvigh told TV2 News.

But Trafikstyrelsen has taken a closer look at the axle box on one of the trains and evaluated that an accident scenario could end up with a broken signal cable or a train getting stuck while switching tracks. But in a worst case scenario, the train could be derailed if the damaged parts end up under the trailing wheels.

Trafikstyrelsen has demanded that DSB delivers a temporary risk assessment of the situation by Monday April 7 and a final evaluation by May 15.


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