Check your bank account for tax refunds

Celebrate good times, come on, because today is the day when you get your tax refund in your bank account if you are one of the 2.9 million people who paid too much tax last year.

Danes overpaid a total of 14.6 billion kroner of income taxes in 2013, according to tax authority SKAT, but if a person already owes money to a public institution, the debt will be deducted from the sum.

Where's my money?
If SKAT owes you but the money hasn't shown up, it can be because you already had an unpaid debt, or that the services don't know what bank account the money should be transferred to.

Or maybe you were simply among the 500,000 people who were notified in March that they had paid too little tax.

You can contact the tax authority on its English website here.