Danish men shying away from immigrant women

Non-western immigrant women say Danish men are “afraid” to get involved with them

Ethnic Danish men who attend institutes of higher learning avoid relationships with immigrant women from non-western backgrounds who go to school with them. According to a poll taken by MetroXpress newspaper, nearly two thirds of the women surveyed said that Danish men avoid them at parties or other social occasions because they “look like immigrants”. The results are in keeping with similar scientific studies of the same phenomenon.

A majority of the women polled said they believed that the men were afraid that the woman’s family would not approve of them seeing a Danish man.

“Many Danish guys believe that they will get in trouble with the brothers, fathers and cousins if they date an immigrant woman,” Helen Ali from Forening for Unge Nydanske Kvinder, a support group for immigrant women, told MetroXpress.

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Danger almost non-existent

Ali said that the possibility of danger from a woman’s family is “almost non-existent”, and that many immigrant women do wind up getting together with a nice, well-educated Scandinavian boy.

“They just have to move to Sweden,” he said.