Nørrebro named among world’s coolest hipster areas

City district ranks just behind Fitzroy in Melbourne and Amsterdam-Noord

If you’re searching for beard-sporting crowds that love a good indie tune, eat organic food and wear jeans they couldn’t even fit into when they were 14, then look no further.

Travel search engine Skyscanner has placed Nørrebro in the top 20 coolest hipsters neighbourhoods in the world, ranking it ninth just behind Fitzroy in Melbourne and Amsterdam-Noord in the Dutch city.

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Latvian hipster masters
"This is the place for people who love bakeries and pubs with 40 different beers (the little things that make life better). Try the Laundromat Cafè, a bar where you go to do the laundry, and while you wait for your laundry to be ready, you can drink a coffee, use the wi-fi, eat cake or read a magazine,” Skyscanner noted.

Skyscanner ranked Miera Iela in Riga, Latvia as the world's number one hipster mecca, followed by Williamsburg in New York and Kreuxberg in Berlin.

The Pearl District in Portland and Södermalm in Stockholm rounded off the top five on the Skyscanner list.