SAS cutting back on flights

Drop-off in customer numbers and lengthy maintenance leads to removal of hundreds of departures.

SAS is currently working intensively to meet customer demand for the Easter period, but has cancelled hundreds of future flights from the four Nordic markets this month.

Of the 366 flights removed,  86 are departures from Copenhagen and 26 are flights from Denmark to Oslo. Norway, Finland and Sweden have lost 112, 92 and 78 flights respectively.

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Decline in customer numbers
Weak booking figures have led to the cancellation of 184 flights, whilst the rest are related to lengthy technical and maintenance schedules.

“We are reducing the capacity in relation to what was planned due to a decline in booking numbers on the affected flights,” said SAS’ head of press, Trine Kromann-Mikkelsen to Check-in.

"But despite Easter, SAS will have more short-haul flights in April compared to last year," she said.