School reform could shut down after-school clubs and cost jobs

Longer days will result in less free time

As many as one in five councils say they will be cutting the hours and possibly even shutting down after-school clubs (SFO) when public school reforms are implemented in August. According to a survey by DR Nyheder, the councils that responded said that the changes are due to longer school days required under the reform. Students will be in class for more hours, leaving less time for after-school activities.

“Students will have less free time, so SFOs will become smaller with fewer employees,” Claus Hjortdal, the head of the headteachers' association Skolelederforeningen, told DR Nyheder. “Quite simply, they will be open for fewer hours.”

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Hjortdal said that some of the supervisors and teachers who are expected to be cut due to the closures could find work elsewhere in the system.

“We must create other opportunities for those who lose their jobs as a result of the school reform,” he said.