Government proposes new green card changes

Better language skills will be required in future

Today the Ministry of Employment unveiled a new  international recruitment reform proposal. It is ultimately intended to strengthen Denmark’s ability to compete on the global stage.

Part of this will mean a new streamlined and more stringent green card scheme, following criticism that the current scheme is not functioning according to plan.

“Several of the current initiatives fail to correspond with the labour market we have today,” the report said.

“Many of the people who are in Denmark via a green card today work in industries that are considered unskilled and the government will focus the initiative so that the incoming labour increasingly compliments the companies need for qualified labour,” it continued.

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Curbing social dumping
The proposed changes to the green card scheme include reducing the permit's longevity from three to two years for first time applicants, toughening language competency requirements and the application of more stringent criteria for being granted an extension.

“With the tightening of the regulations, we’re trying to clamp down on social dumping and its associated problems,” Frederiksen told DR Nyheder.

The goal is for companies to be able to easily and quickly attract highly-skilled workers from abroad and better assist them in settling into Denmark.