More organic food in day-care lunches

Food minister wants healthier fare in country’s childcare institutions

Dan Jørgensen, the food minister, would like to double the number of children eating organic food at schools and other childcare institutions over the next year.

Today over 200 childcare centres bear the organic logo that means a high percentage of the food consumed is organic, but Jørgensen said that number needs to increase.

“We would like to see more,” Jørgensen told Berlingske newspaper. “I have an ambition that there will be twice as many next year, and that’s not unrealistic.”

Jørgensen said that eating habits are established early on and it is therefore important that children learn good habits early.

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Falafel instead of meatballs
According to Per Kølster, the head of the Økologisk Landsforening, the local organic association, over 20 councils are in the process of making the necessary changes at the daycare centres, but it will take time.

“It requires a new way of working the kitchens, and a change in dietary education where employees teach children to love eating falafel from chickpeas instead of pork meatballs,” he said to Berlingske.