Viral video appears to show police brutality

Footage of an officer leaving a handicapped man on the ground may result in police brutality case

A video appearing to show a police officer forcing a paralysed man out of his wheelchair and leaving him on the ground may have serious implications for the Copenhagen Police.

The video shows two officers arresting a friend of the wheelchair-bound man, who then yelled several ugly insults that incited one of the officers to push him to the ground.

"It was humiliating to lie there rumbling in public without a chance to get up. It was extremely over the line," the 37-year-old victim in the video, Jesper Bertelsen, told Politiken.

He was helped back into his wheelchair by witnesses, who said to Politiken that the policeman was agressive and that his reaction was out of hand.

Names known to police
The incident happened last week on Blågards Plads in Nørrebro and has now been reported to Den Uafhængige Politiklagemyndighed (DUP), an independent body that investigates cases where police officers are alleged to have violated the law.

Copenhagen Police said they know the names of the two police officers in the video.

You can watch the video recorded by a witness below.