Drive drunk and lose the car

Tougher laws allow the state to seize and sell a car if the driver was intoxicated

In the future intoxicated drivers will lose their car if they get behind the wheel with a blood alcohol level of more than 2.0 permille, even if it's their first offense.

"A quarter of all traffic accidents unfortunately involve too high blood alcohol or drug levels," the legal spokesperson for Socialdemokraterne, Trine Bramsen, told Politiken.

"That's why tougher measures are necessary, and one of our most effective weapons is to seize and sell the car and give the money to the state."

Going after recurring drunk drivers
After the new rules become effective on July 1, drivers with a blood alcohol level of more than 1.2 will also have their car confiscated, if they have been pulled over with a level above the legal 0.5 permille once in the last three years. 

You'll face the same consequences if you have been arrested and charged with driving either drunk or under the influence of drugs twice in the last three years.

While the traffic safety council, Rådet for Sikker Trafik, supports the tougher penalties, the council suggests that more be done to prevent drink driving, such as treating drink drivers for alcoholism, as is done in Sweden.