Economy warming up, according to minister

Economy and trade minister says Denmark now entering “economic spring”

The economy and trade minister Margrethe Vestager is making very optimistic statements about the economy.

“It is springtime in the Danish economy,” Vestager said on the TV2 news program ‘Hos Trads’ (Home with Trads). “It’s still a bit like April weather; Some days it's great and you put on your spring clothes, and other days you’re glad that you did not put your winter clothes away, because things change a little.”

Denmark has seen positive changes in most economic parameters. Growth is projected to surpass 1.5 percent, the unemployment rate is the lowest in five years, employment is rising in the private sector and home sales are up. According to Vestager, one place the economy could stand to improve was in private consumption.

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“Danes have held back a little in spending money until they were sure that the economy was under control,” she said. “Those assurances are in place, so Danes can boost the momentum and get things moving.”