Denmark gives 435 million kroner to global environmental fund

Funds allocated to fighting climate change

Mogens Jensen, the trade and development minister, has given 435 million kroner to the Global Environment Facility fund.

“There is a need for massive support for the prevention and mitigation of climate change,” Jensen told Ritzau. “The problem is especially bad in developing countries that suffer famine, drought, floods and refugee crises.”

Jensen said that the latest report from the UN climate panel showed that it is economically feasible to reduce global CO2 emissions but that political will was lacking.

The fund finances projects with a focus on developing countries. Among other things, it has provided money for renewable energy projects in Africa, the use of new technologies and promoting sustainable use of waste in open dumps in the Philippines and help for sustainable agricultural production in Niger.

The 435 million is a four-year grant and a 35 million kroner increase compared to Denmark’s 2010 contribution.