Parents sending sick children to daycare

Educators say busy parents are giving unwell children an aspirin and hoping for the best

Working parents are leaving sick children at daycare institutions and heading off to work. According to educators surveyed by teacher’s union BUPL, 85 percent said that they believed that parents had left a sick child for them to take care of. Nearly 40 percent said that it happened at least once every fortnight.

“There are times that the children themselves report that they have thrown up the night before, so you get a little worried when they are there the next morning,” Lisbeth Dupont Andersen, a kindergarten teacher told TV2 News. Andersen said that she believed that parents were giving children pain-reducing medicines and heading off to work.

Studies show that sales of fever reducing medicines for children have increased over 10 percent in the last four years.

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Besides the risk to the sick child, the risk of infecting other children creates problems for daycares.

“We sometimes find that there are diseases that we simply cannot get rid of,” said Andersen.