Scottish nationalists want closer ties to Nordic countries

If Scottish citizens vote for secession from the UK, some want warmer relations with northern cousins

Nationalists in Scotland would like to see their country become a member of Nordisk Råd, the Nordic Council, should a majority of Scottish voters choose to secede from the United Kingdom and become an independent country in a referendum scheduled for 18 September.

Angus Robertson, spokesperson for the Scottish nationalist party (SNP), said that, should Scotland vote for independence, an application for membership of the Nordic Council would follow.

“Independence would give us the ability to seek direct co-operation,” Robertson told Norwegian national broadcaster NRK.

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The Nordic Council declined to comment on Scotland’s future as a potential member until after the referendum.

Some have speculated that an application from Scotland could put the council in a tight spot, as many of the countries on the council have close diplomatic and business ties with England.