Danish F16 jets chase Russian bombers

Intrusive Russian aircraft got a little too close to Danish airspace

Two Russian Tupolev TU-95 bombers spotted alarmingly close to Danish airspace on Wednesday led the military to scramble two Danish F16 fighter jets.

The planes never violated Denmark's airspace, press officer at the Defence Command, Anders Fridberg confirmed to Ekstra Bladet.

"The Russian aircraft came from the north and approached the Danish west coast so we launched two F16s," Fridberg said. "We chased them and turned back when we reached Germany."

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Routine confrontation
Fridberg didn't know where the intrusive Russians were going but it's not uncommon that Russian planes get close to Danish airspace.

"It's not unusual and the mission was a matter of routine for us," Fridberg said.

Fighters from the UK and the Netherlands also took to the skies when they spotted the Russian bombers on their radars.